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Moses Dirks 2023 Story Visit – Qawalangim Tunuu Speaker in Atka

Being asked if he’d worked with Fr. Ishmael Gromoff, Moses shares of the visits Fr. Ishmael would make to Atka for church services and how language spoken would “deepen” to be better understood between speakers of each dialect. He also shares of the beginnings of “The Right Way to Live as an Unangax̂”poster creation, the […]

Moses Dirks 2023 Story Visit – Atkans in the Pribilofs

Moses shares about how men from Atka would go to St. Paul and St. George to work in the commercial fur seal harvesting in summers and the language that would be shared between each community. Books were of great help in learning between the two dialects.

Moses Dirks 2023 Story Visit – Origins and Early Life

Moses Qagidax̂ Dirks introduces himself and gives insight of how much Unangam Tunuu of the Niiĝuĝim dialect was spoken in Atka while he was growing up. He shares of meeting speakers of Qawalangim dialect at Mt. Edgecumbe High School, youth from St. Paul and St. George, and learning some words used in their dialect.

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