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Tanam Awaa

Revitalizing the ways of the Unangax̂ through contemporary tools; bridging the values and stories of our ancestors into the present and beyond for us and for the coming generations we don't see yet, for their time here.

Unangam Tunuu
in the school

St. Paul Island School elementary-age learners have two Unangam Tunuu classes each week. In the classes the learners speak greetings, sing songs, perform routines, and play games using some “Where Are Your Keys?” techniques. 

Additionally, the Aleut Community of St. Paul Island and the Pribilof School District have collaborated on a course in St. Paul Island School for middle and high school learners, Unangam Tunuu Speaking Learning Teaching (UTSLT).

Unangam Adaan Maqam Malganangin

Ways of Life: Tools, Beliefs and Practices

Unangam Adaan Maqam Malganangin is an online repository of Unangan cultural and historical information and documents.


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