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Unangam Tunuu is a set of tools and resources for Unangax̂ speakers and learners.

Unangam Tunuu > Kiin? Alqutax̂ Malix?


Kiin waya? Wan waya Ivaan. Kiin mikalix? Ivaan mikakux̂.

Qanaligan Ivaan mikalix? Mikaaluĝim ilan mikakux̂.

Kiin mikaaluĝim ilan mikalix? Ivaan amasix Jim mikaaluĝim ilan mikakux. Mikaaluĝim ilan mikakux.

Kiin mikaalĝim ilan mikalix? Jim amasix Riguurix̂ amasix Ivaan mikaaluĝim ilan mikakun. Usugin mikaaluĝim ilan mikakun.


Kiin waya? Wan waya Fred. Kiin amx̂iidalix? Fred amx̂iidakux̂.

Qanaligan Fred amx̂iidalix? Tadaaluĝim kugan amx̂iidakux̂.

Kiin tadaaluĝim kugan amx̂iidalix? Fred amasix Mixaayilax̂ tadaaluĝim kugan amx̂iidakux. Tadaaluĝim kugan amx̂iidakux.

Kiin amaya tadaaluĝim kugan amx̂iidalix? Fred, Mixaayilax̂ amasix Lariyuunax̂ amx̂iidakun. Tadaaluĝim kugan amx̂iidakun.


Kiin waya? Waya Larisax̂. Kiin umnax̂ iixchaadasalix? Larisax̂ umnax̂ iixchaadasakux̂.

Qanaligan Larisax̂ iixchaadalix? Chmalum kugan iixchaadakux̂.

Kiin chimalum kugan iixchaadalix? Larisax̂ amasix Anna umnax̂ chimalum kugan iixchaadaasakux. Umnax̂ chimalum kugan iixchaadaasakux.

Kiin chimalum kugan umnax̂ iixchadaasalix? Larisax̂ amasix Anna amasix Cindy chimalum kugan iixchaadakun. Chimalum kugan iixchaadakun.


Kiin waya? Wan waya Chuutii. Kiin miichix̂ mikasalix? Chuutii miichix̂ mikasakux̂.

Qanaligan Chuutii mikalix? Sadaadan mikakux̂.

Kiin sadaadan miichix̂ mikaaasalix? Chuutii amasix Jane miichix̂ mikaasakux. Miichim mikaaluĝan kugan mikakux.

Kiin miichim mikaaluĝan kugan mikalix? Chuutii amasix Jane amasix Ilisvitax̂ miichix̂ mikaasakun. Miichiiluĝim kugan mikakun.


Kiin waya? Wan waya Cindy. Kiin qalix? Cindy qakux̂.

Cindy qanaligan qalix? Qaaluĝim ilan qakux̂.

Kiin qaaluĝim ilan qalix? Cindy amasix Samayilax̂ qaaluĝim ilan qakux. Qaaluĝim ilan qakux.

Kiin qaaluĝim ilan qalix? Cinday, Samayilax̂ amasix Mistar Brown amayangin qakun. Qaaluĝim ilan qakun.


Kiin waya? Wan waya Samayilax̂. Kiin ama tunux̂talix amamakux̂. Samayilax̂ tunux̂takux̂.

Qanaagan Samayilax̂ tunux̂talix? Chux̂taqan ruumagan ilaan tunux̂takux̂.

Kiin chux̂taqan ruumagan ilan tunux̂talix? Samayilax̂ amasix Ivaan chux̂taqan ruumagan ilan tunux̂takux. Chux̂taqan ruumagan ilan tunux̂takux.

Kiin chux̂taqan ruumagan ilan tunux̂talix? Samayilax̂, Ivaan amasix Alixsaantrax̂ tunux̂takun. Chux̂taqan ruumagan ilan tunux̂takun.


Kiin waya? Wan waya Birdaa. Kiin unalix? Birdaa unakux̂.

Qanaligan Birdaa unalix? Kuufnam adan unakux̂.

Kiin kuufnam adan unalix? Birdaa amasix Yuulyaa kuufnam adan unakux. Kuufna adan unakux.

Kiin kuufnam adan unalix? Birdaa, Yuulyaa amasix Marya kuufnam adan unakun.


Kiin waya? Wan waya Birtaa. Kiin awalix? Birtaa awakux̂.

Qanaligan Birtaa awalix? Saapam ilan awakux̂.

Kiin saapam ilan awalix? Birtaa amasix Kaarlax̂ saapam ilan awakux. Saapam ilan awakux.

Kiin saapam ilan awalix? Birtaa, Kaarlax amasix Jack saapam ilan awakun. Saapam ilan awakun.


Kiin waya? Wan waya Agniiyax̂. Kiin unalix? Agniiyax̂ unakux̂.

Qanaligan Agniiyax̂ unalix? Ulam ikanamikagan ruumagan ilan unakux̂.

Kiin ulam ikanamikagan ruumagan ilan unalix? Agniiyax̂ amasix Chuanax̂ unakux. Ikanamikam ruumagan ilan unakux.

Kiin ikanamikam ruumagan ilan unalix? Agniiyax̂, Chuanax̂ amasix Daphnii ikanamikam ulagan ruumagan ilan unakun. Ulam ruumagan ilan unakun.


Kiin waya? Wan waya Fiyafaanya. Kiin uchiitlalix? Fiyafaanya uchiitlakux̂.

Qanaligan Fiyafaanya uchiitlalix? Skuulam ilan achigachx̂ikux̂.

Kiin skuulam ilan achigachx̂ilix? Fiyafaanya amasix Ed skuulam ilan achigachx̂ikux. Skuulam ilan achigachx̂ikux.

Kiin skuulam ilan achigachx̂ilix? Fiyafaaanya, Ed amasix Iyusifax̂ achigachx̂ikun. Skuulam ilan achigachx̂ikun.

A few Unangam Tunuu books were made through the Bilingual Programs of Alaska’s State-Operated Schools in the 1970s. This is one of them. Some illustrations portray the perception of Alaska Natives at that time. Use the books to improve your knowledge of Unangam Tunuu. That is the only reason these books were placed on this website. The core of the Unangam Tunuu work was done by Olga Mensoff, with contributions by Iliodor Philemenof and Moses Dirks. Enjoy!

Prepared by Olga Mensoff. University of Alaska. 1977

Reading by Aquilina D. Lestenkof, St. Paul Island, Pribilof Islands.

Available in Listening Room and Reading Room

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