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Lestenkof, Michael
February to May 1994

Tape 1, Side B

  1. Sealers’ Club [continued form 1A], Hooverson.
  2. Managing selves-community.  Work for wages instead of ‘reservation.’ After evacuation.  Amusement.  Civic Committee.  Hobbies.  Benson, Dan.
  3. Which family could take which house.  House trade by family size.  Merculiefs-Angelina, Father Paul, Betty,  XXX   Dan Benson.
  4. Brick house. Remodeling House: Anatoly Lekanof house that is left.  Buyaax (Peter Merculief) was in my house-fire station.  Remodel on paper-make different than Anaana Alexandra Merculief and Kashevarof houses.-Stairs.
  5. Alexay (?),  Perfenia Pletnikoff remodel.  Tony Melovidov-carpenter.  Nicolai Merculief and Uncle Inty (Innokenty D. Lestenkof)  Window in corner.  Calidoor.
  6. Ferman Galanin.  One gov’t worker -Cottage F.  Fix the way wife wanted.  Buyaax (Peter) and Sarah Merculief. 
  7. Canteen before Sealer’s Club.  Canteen managers-Uncle Valentine Kashevarof, Bill Shane, Father Paul and Betty Merculief.  Store and a Canteen.  Store Gov’t.  Susie Merculief was running it-Canteen.
  8. Priest work for community not government, can not get groceries from store. 
  9. Canteen started about 1926 or so. 10 men go to SPI for sealing. Use to hire SGI men vs. temporary men…gov’t jobs…bonus.  $500 for 10 men-bonus from “SPI $”  Gov’t takes that $500.  Office to office.  Started Canteen Schwabacher’s Grocery.
  10. Power House.  Ship goods.  Canteen St. George still hold.  Where’s St. Paul’s Canteen?  It went broke.  John Hapoff.  Culbertson.  Storekeeper. Nicolai Merculief.  John Merculief.  
  11. Old Navy Station building was remodeled and used for Canteen.  Where brick houses are now.  Men-Galanins, Christopher [Malavansky?], [Lala] Nicolai Merculief.
  12. Two young men gov’t mechanics  Goodwin where hospital is now.  Canteen went broke.  Draw $ from sealing gang to start again.  Become to be Store. 
  13. Matushka Stefanida Lestenkof:  learned to make Holy Bread-Sitka from Father Cyril; when Michael Lestenkof ordained. 
  14. CHECK SPELLING: Chiqdan-good eating.  Uutan.  Waygin. Ankiitan. Aaguganaan.  Iilgaax-ilgaagun (octopus) look around for something when they walk.
  15. Birthday card story for Yaya Top’s (Theodore Lestenkof) birthday-card for him says:  We grew up together but never grew apart….Found out card said: to my brother, from your sister.
  16. Birthday card story (1993) Don’t Tell Momma. In memory of promise not to tell on each other. Dmitri Theodore & Michael Alexandra Lestenkof
  17. STATIC SPI-Mom in Unalaska inaudible.  Jesse Lee Home.
  18. Dad (Dmitri Lestenkof) born in Belkofski (?Check ON)-Grandma from Atka/Attu. Belkofski from Atka. Grandfather (Innokenti Lestenkov)  Transfer to Unalaska Ordained Sent to SGI.  Training Sitka.  ?Record 
  19. Kashevarof-Walter & Peter from area.  Andrew Kodiak Sitka  Peter Belkofsky-Pribilofs.  32 years.
  20. STATIC.  Feet bare.  Icons feet are open.
    Orthodox Cross explanation. Tourists. lower part-slanted. Two thieves. Men and Women separated in church. Boys and girls in front. Older people move back.  
  22. Deacon Stefan (?) . Royal Doors
  24. Story: Kennedy
  25. UT:  Utxuudnax  (check on)-last rite before died.
    Matushka Gromoff-last rite. 
  26. Baptism:  Chix^ix.  Anaam ikaan.  anaam adaan. CHECK ON UT  Parents.  Christ
  27. Laqayax anaam adaan.   Ayagaadax anaam adaan.
  28. UT:  girl like a boy…

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