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Lestenkof, Michael
February to May 1994

Tape 1, Side A

  1. Starring, story, SPI: Starista John Misikin: Flag, Cloth ceiling, Porfiry Pankov- singing.
  2. Starring, SGI: Paul Swetzof, (?Ignaty), Anatoly Lekanof.  Songs- Aleut vs. Slavonic.
  3. Starring days; 13 January. UT: ‘Today, people would say…’
  4. Starring, description.
  5. Masking-history, description, meaning. King Herod.  Infant Jesus.
  6. Song, UT: Maskaratam Talagii
  7. Masking, story, SPI: John Misikin. Elary Gromoff. XXX
  8. Masking, ,story- Father George Kochergin.
  9. Masking: rules, age, respect, January 19. SPI: Lagoon, cleanse.  SGI: Rev. Peter Kashevarof-holy water.
  10. Masking, Story, SGI, Momma Masker: Leonty Philemonof. Alexandra Lestenkof.
  11. Masking, Story, SGI, Questioning Identity: Andrew Kashevarof. NOTE: ADL recollects: Tell me who you are and I will be your boyfriend.”
  12. Begging, history, lessons: equality, hunger, resolution. Religion used-say ‘Christ allowed [begging]’- not because Christ actually allowed it but the message is ‘it is an acceptable (Christian) thing to do.’
  13. Star, Starring, made with: Ribbon, Crepe paper flowers, stencil (means ‘ tinsel’).
  14. SPI: (Mom) Alexandra Tetoff says brothers had star, change paint.
  15. SGI: Paul Swetzof change colored glass. Ignaty (?) bought star $1- Constantine Lestenkof’s star-made by his Krosna Peter Kashevarof. Walter Kashevarof. XXX
  16. Candles. Icon. Nativity.
  17. Flaming Star Story. Epaty Stepetin SGI. Auxenia Stepetin.
  18. Starring competition: ”evaported.” Isaac Philemonof and (Yaya Top) Theodore Lestenkof.    Laughter.
  19. Mentioned: Did tell you Yayatop ABCD shovel ee ya caught ya.
  20. Discussion…all St. George people go back to…
  21. School, story: Janitors at school were the children. Boys sweep. Stove, turn on  before school start. Girls dusted.
  22. School, story: Isaac Philemonof, cannon stove.
  23. School Day-length
  24. Daylight Saving Time-Bering Standard Time.
  25. Dick Frasier…school no windows, heat. Fire in school smothered. XXX
  26. Children-lesson being with children. Ears don’t like to hear but the eyes…
  27. Be an example for the people. XXX
  28. Silent Movies, story: George. Old school.  Projector.  Raisa Shane.  Pre-wheelchair.
  29. Silent movie, story, letters-words, close our eyes. Saanta Prokopiof.
  30. Ben Merculief Sr. [father to Agafangel and Anthony.] Martin Galanin-cartoons.
  31. Nicknamed Ben “World” Nicknamed Michael Lestenkof: Bill Merculief.  Afanasia Prokopiof goggles-Nicknamed: frog eyes…Fuuka.
  32. Stefan and Pelagia Lekanof-Nicolai Merculief- UT. Kulax
  33. Pelagia Lekanof: UT: Movie tonight?
  34. Painting story: Yaya Top, Pelagia Lekanof
  35. Storm or Screen Doors. Take Fresh Air.
  36. Perfinia Pletnikoff.
  37. House 22.
  38. Priest House.-garage, trailer shelter.
  39. Jack Adams.
  40. Sealer’s Club-beginnings. Valentine Kashevarof. (Continues on 1B)

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