Tanam Awaa


UT in the School

Unangam Tunuu Speaking Learning Teaching (UTSLT)

A collaboration between the Aleut Community of St. Paul Island and the Pribilof School District, the UTSLT is a course in St. Paul Island School for middle and high school learners. It. In the first semester learners develop a familiarity with an array of strategic “Where Are Your Keys?” techniques to teach Unangam Tunuu. In turn they learn to speak Unangam Tunuu.  They put to practice the fine art of accountability to and for one another (teamwork) by pulling each other through lessons and assigned team organization tasks. In the second semester of the course learners focus on creating lessons that are added to the island’s curriculum.

Unangam Tunuu in Elementary School

St. Paul Island School elementary-age learners have two Unangam Tunuu classes each week. In the classes the learners speak greetings, sing songs, perform routines, and play games using some “Where Are Your Keys?” techniques. Greetings are spoken in daily scenarios (hello, good morning, etc.) and at special occasions (Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, etc.) Using ‘Where Are Your Keys?” techniques, children learn songs through hand-signing, dancing and drumming. Routines encourage speaking same conversations, such as, “Put on your coat” with the response “I am putting on my coat.”  

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