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Unangam Tunuu

Unangam Tunuu is a set of tools and resources for Unangax̂ speakers and learners.

Unangam Tunuu > Iĝadagax̂ Qanaligan alix?

Iĝadagax̂!” Qanaligan alix?  Qanaligan alix? 

Wahligan akuqing. Wahligan akuqing.



Txin qaĝaasakuqing!

Txin qaĝaasakuqing!

Tune: Where is Thumper? With thumb & fingers.  

Aquilina D. Lestenkof recalls the tune to this song and the names of all the children in the class being sung with her pre-first grade teacher as student roll call each morning. For Iĝadagax̂  you can use anyones name. Typically the person who is Iĝadagax̂ should be hiding then pop up after the last qanaligan alix? After he/she pops out you will sing wahligan akuqing. It is a conversation but you are sing it to each other. Whether it is just you and one person or you and a whole group! Either way works!

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