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Unangan Learning Tools Alquta{ Maduukalix Inga? Malix Ingaya?

Wan waya Ivaan. Wan waya saagla{. Ivaan alqutan maduukalix?

 Saagla{ qisaduukalix? Alix saagla{ txi{duukalix ii? Alix saagla{ asix mikaduukalix ii? Alix saagla{ achxuduukalix ii?

Ivaan alqutan maduukalix? Saagla{ qisasix ii? Saaga{ tmi{six ii? Saagla{ asix mikalix? Saagla{ achxuduukalix? Saagla{ achxuku{ inga.

 Wan waya Adaada{. Waya ay{aasim kulis{ii. Addada{ alquta{ maduukalix?

 Ay{aasim kulis{ii si{iduukalix? Ay{aasim kulis{ii atxa{duukalix? Ay{aasim kulis{ii chaduduukalix? Ay{aasim kulis{ii ay{aasduukalix?

 Adaada{ alquta{ malix? Ay{aasim kulis{ii si}ilix? Ay{aasim kulis{ii atxa{six? Ay{aasim kulis{ii chadulix? Ay{aasim kulis{ii ay{aasalix ii? Ay{aasim kulis{ii ay{aasaku{.

 Wan waya Taniila{. Wan way iga{taasi{. Taniila{ alquta{ maduukalix?


Iga{taasi{ aamilduukalix? Iga{taasi{ iga{taasduukalix? Iga{taasim ilan gaasalina{ a}duukalix? Iga{taasi{ usiduukalix ii?


Taniila{ alquta{ malix? Iga{taasi{ amalilix ii? Iga{taasi{ iga{taasalix? Iga{taasim ilan gaasalina{ a{six ii? Iga{taasi{ usilix? Iga{taasi{ usiku{.


Wan waya Anaada{. Wan waya iqya{. Anaada{ alquta{ maduukalix?


Iqya{ amluduukalix? Iqya{ ala}um achidan a}duukalix? Iqya{ yakaral}iduukalix? Alix iqya{ sayuduukalix?


Anaada{ alquta{ malix? Iqya{amlulix ii? Iqya[ ala}um achidan a{six? Iqya{ yakaral}ilix? Iqya{ sayulix ii? Anaada{ iqya{ sayuku{.


Wan waya as{ukida{. Waya uda{. As{ukida{ alquta{ maduukalix?


Uda{ taxsaduukalix? Qa{ a}isduukalix ii? Qa{ umsixduukalix? Qa{ qaduukalix?


As{ukida{ alquta{ malix? Qam qakaa taxsalix? Qam qakaa a}iisalix? Qam qakaa umsixsix? Qam qakaa qalix ii? As{ukida{ qam qakaa qaku{.


Wan waya qalngaa{. Waya kaxiilu{. Qalngaa{ alquta{ maduukalix?


Kaxiilu{ uku{taduukalix? Kaxiilu}im kugan ngan aygagduukalix? Kaxiilu{ qaduukalix? Kaxiilu{ chisiduukalix?


Qalngaa{ alquta{ malix? Kaxiilu{ uku{taasalix ii? Kaxiilu}im kugan aygagduukalix? Kaxiilu{ chisilix ii? Qalngaa{ kaxiilu{ qalix? Kaxiilu{ chisiku{.



Prepared by Olga Mensoff. University of Alaska. 1977.

Read by +Paul Merculief.

  • This book has some words that are not used by Pribilof Islands Speakers.