Unangam Tunuu

Voices and Sounds of Unangan

Unangan Tunuu is a set of tools and resources for Unangan speakers and learners, including: dictionary, survival phrases, books & songs, and flashcards.

Unangam Adaan Maqam Malganangin

Ways of Life: Tools, Beliefs, Practices of Unangan

Unangam Adaan Maqam Malganangin is an online repository of Unangan cultural and historical information and documents, including: Genealogy and Census, Timeline, Sounds and Stories from the Perspective of Unangan.

Unangam Tunuu Online

Language Community on Facebook

TanamAwaa.com is working to create a Facebook community where Unangan speakers and learners can create and share Unangan language resources, tools and lessons.


Unangan Learning Tools Alquta{ Amaya? Alquta{ Maasdukatxin?


Alquta{ kum taganin maasaltxin?

Txin kum sukutxin. Txin kum ulmikutxin.

Txin kum taangkutxin.

Chngan. Wayangin chngan. Alquta{ wayangin? Wayangin chgnan.

Chngan alquta{ kum maasaltxin? Txin kum chu{takutxin.

Piitra{ ukuda. Kaalraa uku{tada. Bruudnikix uku{tada. Ugulkix uku{tada.

Adqun. Wayangin adqun. Alqutan wayangin? Wayangin adqun.

Kalikam yaasingin kum alquusaltxin? Txin kum qatutxin.

Adqun kum alquta{ maasaltxin?

Txin kum samuskutxin. Txin kum qaaskutxin.

Txin kum tugamixtaaskutxin. Txin kum su{takniin alu{kutxin.

Kalikam Yaasingin. Wayangin kalikam yaasingin. Alqutan wayangin? Wayangin yaachaadan.

Txin kum kitakutxin. Txin kum si{ikutxin.

Txin kum ixtikutxin.

Yaagaadan. Wayangin yaagaadan. Alqutan wayangin? Wayangin yaagaadan.

Alquta{ kum yaagaadan maasaltxin? Txin kum am{idaaskutxin.

Txin kum tumdamixsakutxin. Txin ana}ix ilaan kum agukutxin.

Txin kum qanaa{sakutxin.

Qigna{. Waya qigna{. Alquta{ waya? Way qigna{.

Qigna{ kum alqutan maaslatxin? Ugnaasa{ ilaan kum agukuun.

Qigna{ ilaan kum agukuun. Kikaxnan kum qignam ilan ixtiku{txin.

Qigna{ kum algan ngiin amaniisaku{txin.

Umna{. Waya umna{. Alquta{ waya? Waya umna{.

Uman{ kum alqutan maaslatxin?

Saaglam ngaan kum qisataasakuun. Qiglum ama}uu qisaduuku{txin. Txin kum qiglu{ ilaan agukan qisatkuun.

Sunam ngaan kum qisadsakuun.