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Genealogy and Census

Pribilof Islands, Alaska:
A Historical Account Told Through Illustrated Genealogy and Census Records

Excerpt from the Introduction…

This book addresses the people of St. George and St. Paul Island, Pribilof Islands, Alaska. The vital statistics for births, marriages, and deaths for the residents of these islands were acquired from the islands’ agent logs, annual island censuses and Alaska federal census reports from 1900–1930. When additional information was written in the agent’s log about an individual such as the date of death, it was included herein.

The government agent on each island served as the record keeper of vital events. The “Agent’s Log Book,” also occasionally referred to as the “Official Journal”, functioned as the official record and primary source of information about births, marriages, and deaths of the Pribilof Islands’ people. These logbooks and journals were compiled by government agents on bot islands from 1870 to 1961. Collectively, they are known as the Pribilof Islands’ Logbooks. Each island had its own log with entries typically made on a daily basis until 1962. At tat time, the daily log was replaced by a monthly report and each island’s City Government Records. The Russian Orthodox Church on each island also kept records written in Russian of vital events.