Unangam Tunuu

Voices and Sounds of Unangan

Unangan Tunuu is a set of tools and resources for Unangan speakers and learners, including: dictionary, survival phrases, books & songs, and flashcards.

Unangam Adaan Maqam Malganangin

Ways of Life: Tools, Beliefs, Practices of Unangan

Unangam Adaan Maqam Malganangin is an online repository of Unangan cultural and historical information and documents, including: Genealogy and Census, Timeline, Sounds and Stories from the Perspective of Unangan.

Unangam Tunuu Online

Language Community on Facebook

TanamAwaa.com is working to create a Facebook community where Unangan speakers and learners can create and share Unangan language resources, tools and lessons.


Ways of Life: Tools, Beliefs, Practices of Unangan

Genealogy and Census

Pribilof Islands, Alaska: A Historical Account Told Through Illustrated Genealogy and Census Records Excerpt from the Introduction… This book addresses the people of St. George and St. Paul Island, Pribilof Islands, Alaska. The vital statistics for b …

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Prayer Before Communion

Prichastim Muulitvaa Mangiyu{takuqing Guuspuda{ kayux samtakuqing, hinga maagusa |ristusam, Aguu}um an}a}igan Hla{ aku{txin; tunu{taa}u}in agliisagan wa slum adan sakaa}aqaa, amakun ilin waya itaangi{ akuqing. Kayux mangiyu{takuqing waya aman Ulumiin a …

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